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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  August 4, 2014 4:00am-6:01am PDT

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this morning on the news is search for a suspect after a teenage girl was sexually harassed in a public bathroom. we're also breaking in the cloudy conditions with thunderstorms and rain. more on what's coming later on the news. let's check the forecast along with the commute.
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we are seeing cloudy skies up their. most of today will be fairly cloudy. showers are possible. right now we're unsure when and where. tomorrow a better chance for showers and storms. the rest of the week should be storm freeing with hot temperatures in land. we have munson and moisture that is coming up farther north bank. a lot of it is that the foothills and sierra nevada area. early this morning we're not worried
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about the showers and storms threat. there may be a little bit of a drizzle. cloudy conditions toward the east bay and livermore valley. it will stay fairly cloudy truck the day. we can see some showers and the north bank. later tonight and through the overnight hours into tuesday and we will see a chance for showers. tomorrow we will see more aggressive showers it especially in the north bay. tempters right now 57 downtown. the '60s in san jose. highs for
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today no hot temperatures. the average like livermore is 84... there is a slight chance for showers and thunderstorms today . we're also seeing a chance of showers and thunderstorms tomorrow and tuesday. as for the rest the week we will seeing sunny skies with possible '90s on the weekend.
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1 01 northbound on the off ramp there is an accident. there are no major delays there. as for the bay bridge there are no incidents and has ease the traffic in both directions. we will see construction that should be wrapped up around 8:00. after a teenage girl was sexually assaulted in a public restroom at her apartment complex please are looking for the culprit. at a lakeside village on waterfall way a girl was
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sexually assaulted in a public restroom. please and others say that the restroom is mostly blocks to just those who live there and their guests. investigators are looking into the possibility that the teenage girl was assaulted by in and the lives here. though this appears that this is an isolated incident. lt. grant says investigators are holding back many details in this case to protect the victim's identity. they say on the issue was in the restroom saturday evening when a man touched her inappropriately. the club house does not have surveillance cameras however many st. there is usually someone always in sign monitoring the area.
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firefighters put out a vegetation fire a round eureka drive. it was called the stevenson fire it took them about 45 minutes to get it under control. the cause is still under investigation. standard moss no. of sacramento and bernie has a fire with
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26,000 a. are deeper and and 0 percent containment. governor jerry brown has put out in emergency-stay-it of emergency to to the amount of fires in california. the day fire in modoc county is only 25 percent contained. as for the wildfire and the national forest has quadrupled in size. when we come back, a place for people who are diagnosed with aids and hiv is reopening. along with hundreds of thousands
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of people are left without drinking water.
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it's economnomnomcial. ♪ nom...nom...nom... many people consider it a san francisco landmark. it used to be the only place that people with hiv and aids could turn to. and has been said that it will open up very soon. purcell passed away in 2011. he
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left the houafter three years o- closure the building is reopening. but there's still more money in the needs be raised. their china earned over 200,000 in order to renovate the place.
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also making news today a good samaritan is at work again buying hundreds of dollars worth of groceries for strangers. the mystery person has paid for. customers in the for this time he paid for six customers groceries at the grocery outlet . "he stood right here. and have a customer who went to get something. he said bring it up. he ran his car. paid for the groceries and that somebody else." l'oreal asked when the goods merit and would be back he smiled and just walked away.
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mild conditions and a cool as for today will provide more after the
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a wildfire burning near washington has destroyed at least eight homes. fire officials say a lightning strike may be to blame. let's get the latest for weather and traffic. here's a live look from our freeway camera. we see cloudy conditions along with light traffic. we have cloudy conditions. we do see some showers and storms of firing up out east towards us. reducing the possibility for some showers
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moving over to the bay area from today through out tomorrow. this morning and not a word about the showers or storm threat. by 3:00 today in this model will bring and some showers and better thunderstorms in the east bank. this class and throughout tomorrow. temperatures retinol still fairly mild. 60 san jose, 60 downtown san francisco... highs for today comfortable and below average... we will be
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fairly cool and below average not just for today but for tomorrow as well. starting this afternoon most of the models are keeping the shower a threat and storm primarily in the north bank. it will have to keep our eyes in the skies for today and tomorrow. as for wednesday and the rest the week it will be storm free and sunny conditions.
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we were following an incident in the north bay. it looks like there are no major impacts to traffic. as for the accident the injuries are unknown. the rest of the area that we are looking at incident free. a contaminated water supply of these hundreds of thousands of people unable to use their faucets. the volunteers at a high school and adult case after case of water bottles. these were about the only options as as many as
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400,000 people could not use their top water due to a contaminated water supply. blooms of algae in make syria entered into the water supply. this toxin could cause nausea and the for failure. the talks
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if-- the man who shot a video of a new york city police officer they killed another man in a chokehold has been arrested. they have recovered a semiautomatic weapon from oral. a debt is in route to live. and to pick up the second american with the ebola virus. the
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interior of the plane can be completely and contaminated post flight. both were infected in africa while intriguing-- treating others with the virus. in china and earthquake killed zero round--around--many people. israel has agreed to 7 hour cease-fire. the latest air strike killed 10 people at the
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u.n. school. the school have been, providing shelter for 3000 people trying to it escaped the war. from 3500 people were injured including children. will be right back
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san francisco giants taking on the mets. giant to the total 04 harrumphs .--home runs.
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the giants win by a final to nine9-0 an oakland the age hosting kansas city royals. the game was tied it 0 and the top of the fifth oakland boozes by a final of 4- 2 thousands of people fled the
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candlestick park to say goodbye. more than 12,000 people showed a. and final public event will be a concert by paul mccartney. tiger woods was forced to withdraw from the bridgestone invitational to to a back injury. this is a second time during the year at the had to leave at a tournament to to pain. still the come the latest on an officer's shooting in east oakland. and a search is on to find a man who exposed himself and a public park.
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as for a recap sent leandro police are looking for a man
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after he sexually harassed a woman at a public bathroom. wild fires burning in california are having jerry brown state an emergency. san francisco organization helping those with hiv and aids are reopening. marty is placed are going to been trying to generate $200,000 in the donations to renovate the place. as for the weather and traffic.
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the economy to an umbrella today and tomorrow. you'll see thunderstorms throughout the north bank. we can see too much right now but we do have cloudy skies that should last into tomorrow morning. showers are possible and other parts of the bank. after tuesday and mirror the import the sunny days and possibly 90s on the weekends. most of these our activities for today are and lake tahoe and southern california and the nevada area. this morning he should not be too worried about the showers. by the afternoon we
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have the potential for some showers and thunderstorms it especially in the north bank. that potential for storms and showers will stick around until tomorrow morning. tempters right now are fairly mild... is for today...
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listed below average through tomorrow to the to the cloud cover. the north bank as for the traffic and have a live look at the bay bridge with usual construction. however we are currently problem free in both directions. as for the golden gate bridge to meet ec clubs but instant free.
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investigators are working to try and figure out why a deputy opened fire on a man. so far please are not saying much about the shooting. they're not releasing the name of the deputy or subjects and off. but now investigators are trying to figure out. what out the shooting happened just after 4:00 a.m. on the corner of. 55th and of and the skitter say please spotted a car wanted for theft. officers tried to
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pull the car over and then a chase wasn't sued. they their pleas foun =--caught up of the subjects and that's where he ditched his car and ran. using the k-9 unit the deputy was to find a man. hope for why he killed the man was--is still under investigation. officer has been revoked of his badge and relocated. police officers are still looking for a man who exposed himself in a park this past saturday. officers say he walked through the park with his genitals out and his pants unzipped.. no children saw the
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suspect3. he never tried to talk and give the kids. he was seen walking south on stock and plans. california could be the first state to allow a judge to take away a firearm. this bill was prompted by an attack in may and uc santa barbara. we will hear today as state lawmakers return from a long meeting.
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a leaking dam, a flash flood warning. officials are concerned that the rain there may provide at risk of the dam breaking. still ahead the latest
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unconquered please \ also will explain the san francisco start of that has women excited.
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po/. procter and gamble is cleaning house. they planned to dump 90 of the smaller and less popular brands company officials didn't immediately identified which of these are gonna be sold to new owners are kept or shut down altogether. some the more popular poet brams will still be on store shelves. kodak is getting a big helping hand to extend the life of motion picture film.
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a lot of the studios have been going digital. coming up on the news, how more headlines for you.
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happening today the day the station is backed open today. barnes says crews finish up their work tomorrow night. its president of hamas birthday today. he is 53 years old. he spent the day at camp williams and returned to the white house last night.
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as for the forecast and they it could force you to bring an umbrella with key to that. those threats are mainly in the afternoon this evening and tomorrow morning. the bulk of the storm is really dropping and the sierra the alley. this model shows that this morning will seek cloudless skies along with mild to and temperatures. by this afternoon there's a slight chance for showers and storms. the further north to warrant the better chance you have of seeing the showers. this should all
4:47 am
last until tuesday night. as for the temperatures later and looks like we will have a sunny weekend.
4:48 am
as for our traffic on this monday morning. there are no major hot spots report. so i've for taking up the room of those heading into the city but of its like construction should be wrapping up by 5:00 this morning. looking at the richmond and centrist senator fell bridge it looks like it is light. there are no instance reports. in either reports concord police searching for the person responds both for an attack that left the woman irresponsible =--unresponsive
4:49 am
it's not changing daily routines. and over those living at the apartment complex are taking a second look behind them. authorities said the woman is in her '40's. we are told chisholms stable condition. fees to try and find what led up to the attack and who choose possible..
4:50 am
this park is home to materials during. and it tells us that she is seen sketchy behavior hit depart before. chang miller has been on the run
4:51 am
since may 2013. it is california's biggest biggest manhunt ever. his remains were found not far from our his truck was spotted. police said the suspect also faces that marijuana distribution charges. this still another reason he murdered his family. and might benefit because of domestic disputes. three people were saved after a group were stranded on jesse's for over two and a half hours.
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it possible ghostbusters repute and super heroes dominating the theaters this weekend. ghostbusters franchised reports of steep it's going to redo the film. to shake things up he wanted an all female cast the box office made him money this week and. raking in almost. $100 million in the almost and over a hundred and 60 world wide. lucy drop down to #two
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will of the time. gary johnson discovered the beijing well in 1978 11100000 is believed that only 20 such apostles at ever been discovered. will take a break. when make comeback in the second american who contracted the ebola virus.
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sours possible for this afternoon, but that chance increases from tonight into tomorrow afternoon. the rain will be like in nature. we may have the possibility of seeing some lightning. the rest the week looks pretty good. wednesday and beyond the ship to a more sunny forecast. today is no be milder with temperatures averaging out to about 80.
5:02 am
right now we're of looking at light traffic. there are no accidents we currently receive or heard of. i saw one street east they commute where we see in very light conditions. more details coming up in little later. if fire on a dock at the old fairy mattes was on fire.
5:03 am
on the other side of this peer we can see where it sets out of and into the water. it was a big fire. it started about 11:00 last night. the fire destroyed a small shed. and as a difficult fight the fire due to where it was that and material used. that made it very difficult for firefighters to fight this fire to to know ". we have a chance
5:04 am
to talk to martina's the fire chief. "we have quite a bit of the doctor was on fire. it was the old ferry terminal. there's a small structure at the end of the dock the cost us the most problem. because the fire it burned through a lot of the actual docking planks. so it's been a challenge szeged close to it from that side. is burning quite a bit from the other side of the big piers.
5:05 am
keats' could be released of bonfires however the good news is no one has been hurt. ec des the flooding and mudslides and sub banquette of california. one was killed and dozens were injured in. flooding was due to intense heavy rain over the area. one person who was killed was in their car and was swept into. a rainstorm and into hundreds of people were caught off. crews using bulldozers clear the road. two wild fires burning north a
5:06 am
california. has become a state and federal a ship. 3000 people have been evacuated. so far this fire has charged 26 thousands of acres. it is completely out of control. a home seven destroyed. fleet of 40 others are at risk right now. governor jerry brown has declared a state of emergency to to enlarge a rash of fires. this has deployed the national guard for disaster relief. as of friday there were 17 wildfires and around our state. the phoenix air jet and route to
5:07 am
pick up the second american stricken with the ebola virus. heading for library half to pickup lesley. in 33 a 33 year- old was given an experimental cero before leaving liberia. it looks like he is been treated very well and is the first to be treated for thus in united states. still ahead. seven and what's
5:08 am
going on in godson. including 400,000 people not able to drink the water and due to bacteria and ohio. eryby's citeabou e vingat sples fromhe ctome, thetapl assiate wi guanteelow ices onapto,
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international news were firing following is the seventh hour cease-fire. it will not apply where troops are still operating. it will respond to any attacks. one is really strike today killed a militant leader. israel has been trending down its ground troops.]]
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we have a developing hot spot for a bit of a brush fire was bound at the and universe the southbound. there is a little bit of backup and the larry. and pants on how quickly the key to should give out good traffic is light after this our. san mateo bridge problem free. as for a lyrical and depression their high hopes to and as for the
5:19 am
richmond and the script as well putrid cracked and leaking dam there is a flash flood warning for any piercing water flowing through breaks in the pressure of
5:20 am
5:21 am
after an earthquake struck the southern part of china many people died. and stretched about 6 mi.. about 12,000 homes collapsed. the area is known for its mining industry. it is also known to earthquakes. proposed the red cross is sending in supplies. officials in bangladesh say after killing two people on
5:22 am
board 44 others swam to safety. the rest have drowned. in may about 50 people died in the same area. coming up where you're can at the pit dollar from meters. it's kfc night.
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the full report coming up at 545. >>: any: we do have a developing hot spot this morning once again in the east bay if you're heading out into the berkeley area from albany also real or richmond you may want to leave the house a little earlier than you normally deal. there is a third fire along anniversary ave. right now the center does not show any more of a backup of few minutes ago we did have a backup that began to the canning street but the drive time from albany this differences cause about 12 minutes. this dutch fire is not cleaned up quickly can add tier drive time measure heading into the city from the east bay this morning. :
5:33 am
>>:. happening right now marked. fishing boat just offshore kron 4 as well tram is on live on the scene. >>: wwill: we got here a couple of minutes ago and i heard a helicopter right above me he was shining is light right onto the beach. this boat was somewhere in this facility and it's still dark right now but there is some lights off in the distance. they're focusing right on this area in this area for some reason it's just right down the hill from the clubhouse. as you can see there's a couple of the emergency vehicles as well. i hear sirens in the background i see more people rushing to this scene. l looks like they're focusing on this place as far as
5:34 am
the boat no injuries as far as we know but the spokeswoman from the fire department should be arriving on the scene. i'm going to try to get more information but there is a lot going on. they're focusing on a big area. >>: mark: diarrhea >>: >> darya : and left a suspect that happened early yesterday morning. an officer spotted the car that was wanted in connection with a home invasion that happen in july. he attempted a poll the driver over but he took off. there was a chase and they caught up with the car at 100 and fits. he ditched the car and took off running. the deputy was able to
5:35 am
locate him but the deputy opened fire and killed the suspect in that car is still under investigation. it is still unclear if the suspect was armed. >>: 5 vaults' are rescued from the bay near venetia's today the group from san jose spent the afternoon fishing. and they were wearing life jackets and windy conditions and strong currents. crewmembers from the coast worked with police and firefighters to find the people in their taken to the coast guard vessel to be sure no one was injured. >>: three people are safe now after stranded on a jet ski. for near 2 1/2 hours their way out of the jets key to watch the sunset saturday evening the rescue teams found them after midnight. they were wearing life
5:36 am
jackets and they were rescued. >>: there's police are searching for a person that attacked a woman the laughter on conscious and hillcrest park. police found the woman she was bleeding unresponsive. they think that she may have also been sexually assaulted. eric condition is now stable and nearby residents are on high alert after hearing about what happened reappear their. >>: police are currently not morning up to increase reese to the public with a do warn everyone to be alert and aware. >>: california maybe this first state that allow the judge to take fire arms away from fire arms if they show signs of hurting them self or others. >>: the senate committee will
5:37 am
hear today the state's lawmakers return from a vacation. >>: the white house advisor says that he will use as to what authority to address that immigrants that are living illegally in the u.s.. he may delay this rotation up to 5 million immigrants. he asked that president obama has no choice but to act on his own because of congress's failure to fix the immigration system. >>: the debate rages on what to do with millions of dead trees from this. trucks of the number of them will be the ticket into trucks, revell and let nature take its course and leave them
5:38 am
there. they are black and dead trees and it goes beneath them are already scouting to life. they say that time is running out and as a golden opportunity does sell its timber to replant and store the force. >>: coming up on the kron 4 morning news the giants finally make a comeback will have the sports highlights coming up. we're watching conditions around the bay were seen thick fog this on august 4th, two unsuspecting men walked in to a mcdonald's and discovered an extraordinary burger with heaps of jalapeños... ...for only two dollars. within minutes, they had also discovered the phenomenon of "economnomnomics" nomnom... nom? nom nom the jalapeño double, try it now for just $2 on mcdonald's dollar menu and more.
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♪ a good samaritan had struck again he bought a hundred dollars worth of groceries for strangers. he paid for our customers grotius in the past. gloria kleinwort who works at the grocer's stores said that he watched the man paid for the groceries that customers needed the most >>: he said it wanted to get something he told them to go ahead. he gets somebody else to pay for their groceries, he said i know you are you are the gentleman. >>: >> darya : the grocers' store he
5:42 am
just smiles and walks away without saying a word. let's say you wanna give $50 $200 to someone it's right directly to food. >> darya : james >>: james: there is somewhat weather out there were talk about where that's moving and where the impact is on the bay area this afternoon. [ heart beating ]
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xfinity internet from comcast. double the speed. [ heart beats ] were going to get started on this one monday morning. >>: james: low clouds the connection to see the sunlight-- city light bouncing off of that coming out. and you could see the flag on top of that
5:46 am
building is actually blowing pretty vigorously. and let's show you the wider view here on the satellite radar pick and see what weather to our east affected this year right now. it is see that it's actually fairly large pressure system. it's actually tracking our way. so we have the chance of may be seeing some showers this afternoon. more than likely as tonight into tomorrow afternoon that will see some wet weather later on today. the showers that do fall could and patrick afternoon commute may be a morning to meet tomorrow. so we're keeping our eye on that. the temperature map that were seen right now shows as the current conditions that are outside. we're looking at 57 in san francisco. 60 and livermore.
5:47 am
later on this afternoon will be mostly cloudy and temperatures will be on the mild side were looking at only low eighties for most of the south bay. maybe a warm-up to the mid '80s and the valley. 86 and antioch and 84 in livermore. cooler conditions that you had towards the shore line we have 73 percent after 71 and hayward. downtown oakland look for 71 degrees. 60 by ocean beach so it'll be cooled by the coast. of course the north bay were looking for widespread 70 st. so today is about 10 percent chance for some sprinkles for the afternoon hours. it's possibly a 40 percent chance to see some rain tomorrow morning
5:48 am
into the afternoon. the no. maybe not see the biggest chance of that rein. this will develop a forecast throughout the day. keep a two-tier for up dates and you can also look on our web site at kron 4 doc from. >>:anny: were started in the east bay in the berkeley area all along but west bound 80 their brush fire at university avenue and offered their is closed right now. we do have some delays tracking ups. the traffic has slowed down to around 34 mi. per hour. will show you the bay bridge were we can see the meeting lights being turned down. there's a backed up
5:49 am
starting heading into the city. corridor talk about the bar delays its attentive 20 minute delay at daly city and that sfo. for more information on that and i'll let you know when a brush fire gets put out along westbound a knee when that happens. >> darya : 549 right now the birds big vat at levi stadium had more than 48,000 people they're going to see the earthquakes and seattle game. >>: alecia reid"they obviously
5:50 am
stretched and that has been a nightmare. that line is really bad. some people had a different experience. >>: it was actually very easy the signs were out there on the street so was very helpful. it was convenient it was nice and everything is gone well. is the place we can actually drink some local of and will be happier in
5:51 am
a couple of weeks. >>: alecia reid: reporting from levi seen it kron for news. >>: that such finally waking up in a city that never sleeps. the giants hit four home runs. the giants scored six runs off a former oakland a's star. they threw the second career complete game shy the giants win by nine to nothing the taken to lead and the three games so far and to the fourth game. and an oakland that is arco took on the kansas city royals. game tied at 0 when a world erupted for four runs. and that was all offense
5:52 am
that kansas city would need. these only offense came with two solo home run. the tampa bay race come down tonight. >>: if you miss sports night live last night take a peek. the that the raiders became the first punter ever productive and the pro football hall of fame. what do you remember about the mechanical than diner. >>: he said gang time it he was the best character we ever watched. we like to chat about kick the guy but none of us could. >>: sick and watch sports says
5:53 am
live every sunday on kron at 9:00 p.m.. >>: will be right back
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the >>: it was going down the street next to cars in los angeles. there was a hundred and 50 lb reptile saturday afternoon and a number up. it took officers to get the animal into the vehicle taken to the police station and reunite it with its family. >>: take look at this dog living and working at a cigarette shot. his owner runs the shop in the job opens the window and grades
5:57 am
the customer's 3 i. he sleeps on the cucumbers. in the works for food. >>: coming up here the kron 4 morning news we have several developing stories across southern california with this deadly mudslides. we have more details ahead. this is the tap water into legateledo, hundredsf people cannot use their water will talk about that coming up. will be right back into minutes.
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there's a dog fire and martinez were live with the latest fire this morning. and a ceasefire in the middle east overnight broke it 20 minutes. this is a good monday morning. we're going straight to the forecast. >>: james: it will be mild this afternoon in fact were only seen upper 50s low 60s by later this afternoon. we're gonna see and live in warm spots getting up to the mid '80s. we have the low marine layer at the bottom of the screen but we still have made the upper level clouds at the top.


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